William Kentridge exhibition

About a week ago we went as a group to go and see the Goodman art gallery. It was  exiting but i didn’t understand what William Kentridge tried to tell in his paintings.His paintings was amazing and different. He used ink and painted on dictionary papers and newspapers of birds and Chinese officers.  My first fought was “what’s so amazing about these pictures ,its just drawings of birds and Chinese officers, why is this guy so famous”? It took me a while to figure out whats so amazing about William Kentridge but, then i thought to myself , maybe the pictures he painted has meaning in them, that it’s not just a painting of a bird but, a painting of hope and peace.  I can remember that the tour guy at the gallery said that William Kentridge  took a photo of a rare bird, then felt inspired and painted it.

There was a lot of painting of birds.  There was a frame by frame painting of how the bird flies, witch was the only thing that came near to animation, i was to afraid to take a picture because i was to afraid that i would have been kicked out of the exhibition, but everything else i saw was pretty amazing.

I like the way he used a bunch of paper and then glued them together in order to paint a picture on them.  Like for example he took 12 papers and on each paper he painted lines and when you take all the pieces of paper and put them together it forms a picture. for me it was something else, it was the first time that i ever saw something like that.  There wasnt just paintings at the exhibition, there also was cut out pieses of boxes with faces on them that william Kentridge painted on.

Then i saw this weird film, where he took all of his notebooks pages and in the front there where Black African people dancing and holding spears.  There was also a Black African girl that did a ballet, then my mind just went blank. At first i fought the dances they did was funny, but then i realized that the dances like all of William Kentrige paintings in the gallery had meaning in them.  So i thought and said “this dance they are preforming must represent some sort of peace offer when the war ended”.  But i couldn’t quit put my mind to it.

Although i didn’t understand what was going on, i did enjoy the trip.  It fascinated me on how many people have there own why of painting and drawing, and having there own imagination of how they to things. The cool thing about art, it  inspires other people to do even more, and for every drawing there is a message and a story behind them, it can be a sad memory or a happy memory.

William Kentridge is a very talented artist, and i respect him and his paintings and the stile of his art.