Animator’s Manifesto

So we had to write our own manifesto for today that’s about animation.  There are a total of 8 questions and they go as follow:



Who am I?

I am an artist and an entertainer that brings joy to people and show them the beauty of animation.  I’m also an actor because I need to act out my scenes in order to make my animation entertaining and so that it makes sense.



The world I live in

The world I live in is a cruel and unfair place.  In order for people to succeed they have to work hard and prove them self’s.  People intend to bring others down, because they fear that others will succeed and overrule them.



What I do

I am the mighty animator, I intend to show people how powerful animation really is.  I give life to characters so that people can fall in love with that character, and that thy can compare their life’s to them.



How I do it

First I get an idea for a character, then I take that character and give him a backstory.  It can be a good or a sad story, it depends on the character. The story can be a life lesson or a feeling that I once had.



Why I do it

It gives me purpose and joy in live. The satisfaction to see that other people appreciates my work is expressionless.  To see the dreams I have become a reality is just overwhelming and I know for a fact that animation can change people’s minds and give them a better life.



Where and when I do it

I do it at my home, I do it at my school/work, I do it where ever I can.  There is no “when I do it” I do it all of the time.  There is no beneficial time, when I have to work on my animation I have to do it as soon as possible, and I make sure that everything is on point.



How the world could be

The world needs to know more about animation and not see it as a kids show. They can learn something from animation, it can be a life lessen or perhaps a warning of some sort.  People should start considering animation as something important and how that can affect their lives.



How I plan to change the world

I plan to change the world by showing people what animators can do to let them know that animation is not just about being foolish, but to help and give people hope in life.  I want to encourage people to help me change the world.