Premises Story

We where given a task writing 5 stories of no less then 25 or 50 words for each premises.  We where tough that a good way to start a story is by writing premises. This is the 5 premises that i came up with.

Story 1

He was once a master criminal, but got betrayed and shot by his gang.  Little did they know that he survived. He now walks in pursuit for revenge.


Story 2

Ever since he was a boy, he always wanted to be a hero and help people. But due to unfortunate events he became his own worst enemy.


Story 3

Once upon a time there was a gamer.  This gamer never cared about the outdoors untill one day he looked outside and saw the outdoors.


Story 4

The only thing he wanted to do was to explore the world, but because of his responsibilities he is forced to stay and help the people close to him, but because of all the pressure that is put on him, he just snapped and left to go on his adventure.


Story 5

He was once the fighter of light, but because he saw what the world truly is, he slowly became insane and started to lose the sense of what is good from evil. Because of this he didn’t see the beauty of the world and only saw the wrong.