Visual and Narrative Development

We where given a assignment to read Blacksad and A Studie in scarlet, then discuss our thoughts and the themes and write an essay about it.






 Private investigator John Blacksad is a ruthless, yet enjoyable character that digs himself into mystery and the backstories behind murders, child abductions, and nuclear secrets.

John Blacksad is falling for dangerous women or getting beaten to within an inch of his life, He will simply go through great lengths in order to salve crimes even if it costs him his life.  His stories are, simply put, unforgettable. Because with all the violence that the Blacksad series have to offer it’s mostly meant for a mature audience.

Blacksad “Somewhere in the Shadows” is an American noir crime story because we got a lot of stuff in the story that can describe the”noir genre”. The theme of this comic is mostly revenge and justice in a hard boiled criminal environment.  The art stile in this comic is excellent where it has a unique stile that differs from other comics.  Where in other comics u won’t see a lot of emotion in the characters where u most likely focus on the text rather than the subtext.  Where in Blacksad u can clearly see the characters emotion and don’t have to figure out what they are feeling.

In this story cold blooded means that you are not the kind of person that search for justice. Then you are willing to kill for what you stand for.  Which in this animal environment is pretty ironical because of the fact that there are animal characters, and because there are animal characters u get cold blooded animals like reptiles, crocodiles etc.

And in this comic we can see that the cold blooded animals are the antagonists as we can see on page 20 of the comic where the reptile says “Hairy guys like you are not very welcome here” technically threatening the hairy guy.

The story is “gloomy” because there is a lot of mystery, the main character is hard-boiled and mysterious also often a loner, a lot of revealing flash backs are seen in the story, the police inspector is the: good guys: bitter search for justice because he does the opposite of what he was told to do, a lot of violence has been seen in the story and shadowy stairwells has been seen before he gets attacked.



This comic with its classic noir style and unique theme, Juan Diaz Canales tells great mystery tales dealing with lost love, racism, drug addiction, jealousy, and everything that makes fantastic stories.



A study on scarlet

 What is so interesting about this novel is that it doesn’t only have one theme, this novel has multiple themes, it has murder and mystery, revenge, modernism, forensic science friendship Deductive/abductive reasoning and it keeps going on.  And it is pretty interesting if you look at it, because where you get other novels that sticks to just one theme, this novel can offer more than just one theme.

Let’s discuss one of the many stories mainly “The adventure of the speckled Band”in the adventures of Sherlock Homes

This is a story that reveals the sinister plot of a greedy stepfather, DR Roylott. Who kills one of his two stepdaughters and then attempts to kill the other, Sherlock Holmes goes to the action and tries to solve the mystery before the second stepdaughter, Helen, dies.

Holmes uses his sharp powers of observation to notice small details in Helen’s dead sister’s room. He notice for example the bed that is nailed to the floor and a rope that is hanging near her bed that calls servants. He notice a vent from her room that goes to her stepfather’s room next door instead of going outside. In the end, he discovers that the’ speckled band’ is actually a trained swamp adder (a snake that is deadly) that Homes and Watsons intervention, ends up killing DR. Roylott, instead of Helen. And this is just one of the many stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote, and explains how Sherlock Holmes sees what other people can’t.

What I like about this novel is firstly because it is well written, suspenseful crime mystery. Conan Doyle writes the characters of Holmes and Watson beautifully, and he makes the mystery of the book almost impossible to solve for the readers, but possible for Sherlock Holmes.

This novel describes the first meeting of Holmes and Watson – there friendship is one of the most known, most incredible friendships that have ever existed in literature.  They care about each other, and will go through great length to help one another.  And it was great to see their relationship grow.

Sherlock Holmes is probably the most well known and loved fictional detective in literature.  Sherlock Holmes is a private detective who has keen powers of observation. He lives at 221b Baker Street in London. He notices things that others simply don’t and then he draws accurate conclusions about what he sees.

Homes describes himself as someone who gets in the dumps at times and doesn’t open his mouth for days on end. He experienced strong mood swings.  He also plays the violin.  But most of all, he is a master of deductive reasoning.

Doctor Watson is important to the Sherlock Holmes stories for several reasons. Firstly, he is a patient companion to Holmes, who’s brilliant and a personality that would drive anyone crazy.

Watson enjoys the challenge of solving crimes and he is a close friend to Sherlock.  Probably most importantly, Doctor Watson. Who is the narrator, provides detailed written accounts of Sherlock’s adventures for the readers to enjoy.

Doctor Watson does not have the skills that Holmes has and he is often questioning Holmes as to how he comes to his brilliant conclusions. This is a brilliant strategy because not only does Holmes explain how he does it to Doctor Watson, but he also explains to the reader how he does it.



This is truly one of the best novels written in literature history. The characters are memorable and amazingly written, it just draws the reader’s attention and it truly feels like you are a part of the story.


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