Story Development

This was the same story that i have written previously for the story premises, but i just made a few changes so it makes a little bit more sense.


There was once whose life was only about playing video games, he had no interest in outdoor activity, and in fact he despised the outdoors.  So one day his mother just had about enough of him playing video games all of the time. She took all of his gaming devices and put it away where he can’t find it, and told him to go play outside.  He didn’t listen to his mother so instead of going outside he just sat near the window and staring at nature.  Because he played a lot of video games he started to see the world as a game.

He sat there for a while and finally decided to stand up and go outside.  As he opened up the door there was a stroke of sunlight that shined on his arm he didn’t liked it, but he said what the heck, so he fully opened the door and went outside. He looked around him with his eyes and mouth wide open and an expression that says what is this? The sun fully shinning on his entire body the wind blowing on his skin the grass tickling his feet.  He saw a stick and picked it up like if it was a sword and started his adventure. He started running and slamming his stick on objects, and every time he does that his imagines a score going up on top of his head. This currently resembles the tipe of games he plays rpg’s.

As he run he started to become tired and saw his stamina bar decreasing, this was a problem because of this he won’t be able to go further anymore, so he looked around him for something to eat or drink, and there in the far he saw 2 boys sitting on a bench enjoying their meal. So he ran towards them waving his mighty stick of justice scaring them off, and also leaving him water and a piece of a sandwich. So he drank the water and ate the sandwich, and looked while his stamina bar increases. It’s full, now it’s time to continue his journey. He took a huge breath and went on.

He was running and trying to find a quest, then he saw it. A bigger stick laying in someone’s backyard, so he saw this as an opportunity to upgrade his current sword. So he quietly stepped over the fence and began to sneak to the bigger stick, he got closer and closer until finally he got close enough to pick it up. As he turns around to exit the backyard he saw two angry looking dogs standing there growling at him. He was frightened with fear so then he ran towards the gate with the dogs following him, not seeing where he runs, his foot caught a branch and fell to the ground.  As he lay on the ground he saw the two angry dogs running towards him, he knew it was his end of his journey. But luck was with him.  The dogs was changed to a pole, and when the dogs was just about to kill him the chain stopped them from killing him.

He slowly stood up and began to walk home. As he walked he realized that the real world is not a game, and that the real world doesn’t have a pause or restart button, if something might happen to you.

The next day his mom gave him back all of his consoles, but surprisingly he didn’t want it back.

He went outside and started to play, but this time he considered the facts of the real world.