Script writing

This is the script that we needed to write out for our story, the script is not a hundred percent accurate, because I’m still practicing script writhing.

This isn’t the final script, there will be changes made later on



Game addiction


Tiaan Van Rooyen


Scene 1

The 15 year old boy sitting in his dark room, only playing online video games. He is home-schooled because he is self-conscious. Holding his mouse and keyboard and playing online gaming. His face glued to the screen, nothing can distract him. His skin white as snow, because he never leaves the house, he rarely sees the sun. His eyes two different colors, he doesn’t see it as unique but rather as a disgrace. His favorite game gender mmorpg.


So he was playing his games, and kept dying in the game, clicking harder and harder on his keyboard, frustrated he took his mouse and keyboard and threw it across the room, almost breaking it. He sat there hands over head in frustration. 5 seconds passed he stood up went to his lounge and sat on his couch, staring out of the window for about 10 seconds. Then he stood up went to the door and opened it up.

As he looked outside he realized that it doesn’t look bad outside, but soon after he slammed the door shut. And said ”that was a close one” he turned around and walked back to his computer.

As he walked to his computer a message popped up by one of his online friends saying that he needs to buy this new game that got realized today. He got excited because it was said to be one of the best mmorpg games ever made. He rushed to his room took his food money and went back to the door. He really didn’t want to go out, so he clenched his fists, closed his eyes and said ”I’m going to get that game”

Scene 3


He slowly opened the door, and went outside. His eyes where mildly closed because of how bright the sun was, he stood still looked around for a while, and went on his quest to buy the game he wanted so badly.

So he started to walk and because he played a lot of games he started to hallucinate and saw health and manna bars on top of people and his head. As he walked he approached a street and saw a traffic light pole, he saw it as a checkpoint. So as the light turned green for the traffic he started to walk across not looking at his surroundings. Cars came from left to right approaching him at top speed. At first he froze not knowing what to do, but then his gaming instincts came alive. So he started to dodge the cars, jumping from left to right, he avoided all of the cars, and in his mind he saw it as an achievement.

Scene 4


The more he walks the more he sees the world as a game, what i mean by this is that the word turned pixelated in his eyes. He was starting to enjoy the outdoors because of this. as he walked the more he started to greet people more, he saw them as npc(none-player character)

He arrived at the game shop, opened up the door and went in. He went to the mmorpg section, saw the game and picked it up, the price was to high for the amount of money he had, so he thought to steel the game, and along with it leveling up his sneak ability. He put the game inside of his shirt and went out of the door. Then the alarms went off. He panicked and began to run. He looked back only to see the store workers following him, he saw a crowd and ran into the crowd. avoiding the store workers. sneak level increased he and achievement unlocked he saw above his head. and went n home.

Scene 5


Opened up his front door, went in and closed and locked it. He went to his computer opened up the game and was shocked what he saw. There was nothing. He felt his pockets only to find that his money was gone. So he started to think. the people who followed him didn’t followed him because he stole the empty game, they followed him because they wanted to give him the money he dropped.

The boy learned a valuable lessen, that day, real life has real consequences,

He took a big breath, in and out, went to his computer grabbed his mouse and keyboard the threw, put it back and continued to play his game